Fictional short film about a man’s attempt to fill a swimming pool with juice.

"This intriguing short is a surreal snapshot of modern Midwestern America, trailing an expressionless suburban obsessive who finds a calling in an obsession with a certain brand of juicer. A White Suit comes from the experimental filmmaking crew Mothers Favorite Pictures, comprised of Matt Spevack, Joey Fishman, and Gabriel Lyons Loeb, the latter renouncing his filmmaker role to star in today’s short. Graduates of revered Minnesota art institution, Carleton College, the trio’s debut feature Men With Arms recently premiered at the 2013 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. “We like films that are organic and real but just a little bit off,” explains Spevack. “Slow films, that focus less on traditional narrative and more on the intricacies of human beings, and strange enough to make you really think. An ambiguous middle ground between documentary and fiction.” The resulting film has a lingering gaze that you would imagine a mumblecore version of Close Encounters of the Third Kind might have, with Loeb’s bearded protagonist a hypnotic presence at the center." - NOWNESS